Tips to Remove Acne and How to Prevent it ?

Written By FULL NEO on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 | 6:06 PM

Clear appearance of acne is to make the teenagers very dizzy thinking about it, especially a party that waited, to make confident of free expression is reduced and not like other teenagers, but all the problems in this world there must be a solution. Surrender to your Lord is the most potent drug and that's what I run in my life everyday and it worked.
But we do not have to let go just right?, Of course, we try to solve our acne problem, below are some tips to get rid of acne and that can be prevented so as not to appear acne.

  1. A diet that must be changed, ie avoid junk food and replace it with vegetables and fruit. This diet is certainly highly recommended, both for people prone to acne or prone to acne. Some people say that there is a relationship between acne and certain foods, especially foods that contain high glycemic index and dairy products. If the assumption is correct, then all the people who like chocolate and cheese will have a face full of pimples. Avoiding certain foods will not necessarily cure you of acne.
  2. The same is true for skin care products, vitamins and face masks, which claim to cure acne in a matter of days. Until now there is no product that can cure a person's face from acne. Be prepared to be disappointed when you are too trusting on the ad.
  3. There is one treatment that almost cure acne. Namely isotretinoin / Accutane. Most people who use isotretionin now no longer need to worry about acne is stubborn, even when treatment is stopped. But not everyone, especially pregnant and lactating mothers can use isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is usually only given by prescription to those who experience severe acne.

Remember! Acne is not curable. But acne can be controlled with a healthy diet and skin care products accordingly. Keep these habits, even if your face has been cleared of acne.

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